tRump Amnesia Syndrome


Medicare diagnostic code R41.3*; subsection f-POTUS (IJMTU)

In the dark times 2016-2020, tRump-itis spread across our country. In just four short years we, the people of the United States of America, came close to loosing our democracy and our government and our economy and our way of life.

The things we assumed would always be there: that the rule of law applied to everyone, that education would be based on facts and that the News would be based on reality, were all under attack. Constitutional separation of powers, balance of power, and a fair and independent judicial system were all being eliminated. The government infrastructure we all depend on everyday: the US Post Office, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, consumer protection, worker protection, product safety, public infrastructure projects, and a working court system were all being ignored, made unworkable, or completely eliminated.

Now we are seeing a huge surge of a new disease, tRump Amnesia Syndrome (tRAS). The mega-corps, big corporate media and billionaires are trying to gaslight us, hoping we will forget the past.

We the people need to develop tools, techniques and methods to remind folks suffering from this disease just how bad it was when tRump-itis was unchecked and the damage it did to our country. To prevent a return of tRump-itis we also need to provide a clear view of how much better off we all will be when we work together to ensure the fundamental systems of our democracy continue to function for everyone.

Democracy is more than merely how we vote.

*R41.3 is a billable diagnosis code used to specify a medical diagnosis of other amnesia. The code is valid during the current fiscal year for the submission of HIPAA-covered transactions from October 01, 2023 through September 30, 2024.
f-POTUS former-POTUS
IJMTU I-Just-Made-This-Up

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AJ Brown, in a past life, was an embedded systems engineer(digital design engineer) in silicon valley. He worked on new product designs ranging from hard-disk controllers, communication protocols, and link encryptors to simple battery monitors for electric cars.

A few years ago he gave his spot on the freeway to someone else and left:–) Now days he is more interested in sailing, building out his live-in bus for travel and supporting the idea of the full-circle of food; grow, harvest, store, prepare, preserve and propagate. He is still a strong supporter of Free/Libre Open Source Software[F/LOSS] and is willing to help most anyone in their quest to use it more efficiently.