Mastodon Notes

updated: 2024-02-01 Mastodon is a chat or micro-blogging service on the fediverse.

It has the following actions

  1. follow
  2. favourite
  3. reply
  4. boost
  5. post or toot

When you first login you will see nothing in your timeline. This is not a corporatized service, there are no advertisers and thus no ads to show you. You have to follow someone to see anything in your timeline. There are 2 pre-established timelines, local and global. Switch to those and when you see someone interesting “follow” them.


Block diagram of a Mastodon toot

AJ Brown, in a past life, was an embedded systems engineer(digital design engineer) in silicon valley. He worked on new product designs ranging from hard-disk controllers, communication protocols, and link encryptors to simple battery monitors for electric cars.

A few years ago he gave his spot on the freeway to someone else and left:–) Now days he is more interested in sailing, building out his live-in bus for travel and supporting the idea of the full-circle of food; grow, harvest, store, prepare, preserve and propagate. He is still a strong supporter of Free/Libre Open Source Software[F/LOSS] and is willing to help most anyone in their quest to use it more efficiently.